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Garden Cattery House and Business For Sale

We have enjoyed running this beautiful cattery for nearly 7 years but now it is time for us to move on and sell our lovely home and business.

Garden Cattery has a 5 star rating from South Norfolk Council. We have prided ourselves in building the business up over the years and now have a large regular and new client base with a healthy turnover. The cattery can accommodate 26+ cats and there is scope to expand.

Besides the website there is also our Facebook page dedicated to the cattery which is extremely popular with clients and also generates a lot of business.

The cattery is located in a lovely south facing well established back garden of a large four bedroom detached house situated on a ⅓ acre plot. Access to the cattery is via a separate gated entrance to a large reception building which also includes a kitchen with sinks, dishwasher, washing machine and fridge as well as storage for food and bedding.

If you are looking for a new venture and a dream job and have a passion for cats why not consider it? Please see our rightmove page.

Garden Cattery