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Cattery right hand side

Garden Cattery accommodation

At Garden Cattery our standards of care, security, and hygiene will ensure the best environment for your cat. When booking you will be asked about your cat’s health, what their favourite food is, and their likes and dislikes so that we can ensure they have a happy and healthy stay with us. The cattery is in our garden, so is a dog-free environment for your cat(s).

Single pen

Single pen

We have 19 pens: 3 triple pens, 3 double pens, and 13 single pens. The triple pen joins onto one of the doubles, which can be opened up into a pen for 5 cats.

We took over this beautiful cattery in July 2013 and are continuing to implement a program of changes to further improve your cat’s comfort during their stay with us, and to make it as much of a home for them as possible.

The Pens

Double pen

Double pen

The accommodation at Garden Cattery comprises of purpose built penthouse pens with outdoor runs in a courtyard setting overlooking a water feature and bird feeders.

Disabled ramp

Disabled ramp for
older guests

Our penthouse cabins are fully insulated and each one has a heater for year-round comfort. Heating is provided when the temperature falls below 16°C (61°F), regardless of the time of year. We also have our own generator to provide power in case of power cuts to the pens. During warm weather fans are placed throughout the cattery to keep the cats at a comfortable temperature.

The cabins at Garden Cattery are penthouses so that the cats have as much room as possible to roam about. The ladder up to the sleeping compartment is at a shallow angle, and the rungs are thick, so that cats of all abilities can scale them with ease. For our more elderly or unsteady guests we have also built disabled-friendly ramps up to the penthouses.

A Comfortable Stay

Peony shelf

One of our guests, Peony,
enjoying her shelf

Bedding is provided but you are welcome to bring anything your cat is familiar with, whether that is duvets, blankets, jumpers, or your old pyjamas. The bedding is checked daily and washed if there have been any accidents.

The fountain

The fountain

Since opening Garden Cattery in July 2013 we have installed shelves (with their own piece of comfy, washable Vetbed®) in all of the pens for the cats to sit and sleep, and look out over the world, as they like to do! We also like filling the pens with things that cats enjoy, and we are constantly adding to and replacing our selection of toys e.g. balls, catnip toys, little tents to hide or sleep in, cat climbing frames, etc.

We both adore cats, so they are given a lot of attention; we spend every spare minute grooming and playing with our guests to help make their stay as enjoyable and comfortable as possible.

Another addition is the water fountain and a very big bird feeder in the centre of the cattery courtyard, so that when Shane and I are busy doing other things the cats have the birds to watch!



We keep a wide selection
of food for the cats

All meals are included in the daily boarding rate. We have a large selection of cat food. You will be asked at the time of booking what your cat prefers and we will ensure that this is in stock for their arrival. If your cat is on a veterinary diet you will need to bring this with you.

We have a separate reception and kitchen specifically for the cattery, which includes a washing machine and fridge and plenty of cupboard space containing a wide selection of food for your cat.

Your Cat's Safety

The comfort and the safety of your cat(s) are our top priority. Garden Cattery benefits from being in the garden of our home, and our bedroom overlooks the cattery so we can keep an eye on the cats staying with us.

Garden Cattery has been built to the International Cat Care (ICC) guidelines, previously Feline Advisory Bureau (FAB). We have a five star license rating from South Norfolk Council under the Animal Welfare Regulations 2018 and we are comprehensively covered by Petplan insurance. All of these documents are on display in our reception area for viewing.

The pens are all cleaned daily, and litter trays are checked regularly during the day and late into the evening.

Fire safety is very important to us, particularly since my husband is a firefighter. The cattery has smoke detectors and the alarms are linked to our house. We also have fire extinguishers within the cattery.

All pens are washed and disinfected following departure, as well as the bedding, pieces of Vetbed® and the toys, so that they are safe and ready for the next guest. There is also an isolation pen within our garden in case any of the cats get ill during their stay, even though this is unlikely to be used since all guests must have their vaccination certificates and will be checked for signs of illness on arrival.